Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Venus Factor Product Review


It has been proven that it is much more difficult for women to lose weight than it is for men. Women’s bodies are designed to nurture and protect their children, which means after childbirth women often have more fat on their bodies than ever before. In other words, evolution is working against women who want to lose weight and gain a slim figure. Yes, that is right.

Now there is a simple and highly effective weight loss plan that has been specifically designed to support an increase in metabolism in women, resulting in quick weight loss. This program is based on a certain hormone called Leptin that naturally occurs in the human body. Leptin sends signals to the body, telling it to convert fat into energy, but despite the fact that they have more Leptin in their bodies, women do not respond to Leptin’s signal as efficiently as men, especially after childbirth.
In addition, when women diet they actually cause their Leptin levels to decrease. Since their body is already not responding to the Leptin signals the way it should, decreasing the amount of Leptin in the body, just hurts their weight loss potential even more. This is the cause of the infuriating weight loss plateaus that so many women experience. It is also the cause of the rebound weight gain many women experience when they stop dieting.

The Venus Factor has changed all that. This program allows women to increase their metabolism dramatically and get the waste line they want. To accomplish this, women do not have to go overboard with:
  • Fad diets
  • Pre-packaged diets
  • Natural weight loss remedies
  • Pills or supplements
  • New-age exercise machines or cardio exercises
The Venus Factor makes use of metabolic override, which is a set of strategies that will activate a woman’s fat-burning potential, all while avoiding:

  • Nasty food cravings
  • Lower energy
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss plateaus
  • Damage to metabolism

The Venus Factor provides women with the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist that will guide them in what to eat and what not to eat. Having this support is a major step toward weight loss success. The Venus Factor is a 12-week program that allows women to eat food they love and helps them:

  • Lose fat from problem areas
  • Know which foods will damage their body’s sensitivity to Leptin
  • Know what one nutrient women are commonly deficient in, but will increase weight loss
  • Know which herb will help speed up weight loss
  • Know which single food trick will dramatically increase metabolism in the female body and maintain high Leptin levels

The key behind the Venus Factor and what makes it so successful is that women already have high amounts of Leptin in their body. This Leptin has untapped fat-burning potential that the Venus Factor unlocks. Because the plan targets a natural hormone and process in the human body, it essentially allows the female body do what it has been naturally set up to do, which makes it a safe and effective way to lose weight and keep it off.



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